Casino Night!!

What better night could you have really?  Dinner at the Keg...all the courses (and Keg Size to boot).  Then off to the Lower Deck for some foot stompin tunes with McGinty (spelling?).  Finally, it's off to the Black Jack Tables.

MANY, MANY thanks to Nanny Judy who made the whole night possible.

0401Casino.jpg (33591 bytes)
Carl was only on his second beer.....REALLY......
(although I don't remember how many whiskeys he had at the Keg before we got here )

   0401CasinoPaulaMartha.jpg (31331 bytes)
Having a Merry Ol' time at the Lower Deck, Halifax Historic Properties

0401CasinoSign.jpg (31211 bytes)

Amazing that this shot tuned out at all.... the guy who took it was pretty drunk and so were we.....
Good night at the table though...everyone came home a winner $$

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