Nova Scotia, April 2001

The Trip to Nova Scotia was Cassidy's first opportunity to meet her Grandpa Vernon, Great Grandpa Marchand, 2 Great Grandmothers, Auntie Martha and Uncle Carl, all the extended family and, of course cousin Emma!!

0401CassidyGrandmaM.jpg (47492 bytes)
Great Grandma Marchand

0401DadLorneEdwin.jpg (55323 bytes)   
Grandpa Vernon and Great Uncles Lorne and Edwin enjoy a Labatt's Blue at the usual chatting spot in the kitchen

0401EmmaBoosterSeat.jpg (36797 bytes)
Emma looks up at "Unca Doe" in hopes that he might be ready for another game of "Fly Emma around the house like an airplane"

0401EmmaCassidyStroller.jpg (70943 bytes)
Cousin Emma loaned me her yellow hat and purple socks then took me for a ride in her stroller.

0401NannyCassidy.jpg (76351 bytes)
I love ma Nanny and ma Nanny loves me!!

0401EmmaLittleStroller.jpg (61024 bytes)
Mommy bought this little stroller for Emma case she thought it was sooo....cute.   She paid $8 for it and it lasted about that many days before the first wheel broke off........   Teddy had fun though.

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