May 2001

0501CassidyEatsBee.jpg (54044 bytes)

Cassidy eating the bee that Grandma Boucher bought her.

0501CassidyMeetKyra.jpg (33118 bytes)

Cassidy meet Kyra.....Kyra meet Cassidy

0501CassidyGapHat.jpg (69613 bytes)

Cassidy sidelines as a nude model for "The Gap"


0501CassidySmiling.jpg (47782 bytes)

Yes....that would be my first recorded zit!!   Thing was so big you could even see it when I faced the other way!  (Thanks mom for taking time to record this)


0501MommynCassidy.jpg (62073 bytes)

Mommy 'n Cassidy on Mother's Day on a train through the redwoods


0501DaddyFun.jpg (125546 bytes)

My Daddy Rocks !!!

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