Deleted Scenes / Christmas Card 2003

So many awesome pictures and so little time.   We should let you know that the focus of our Christmas card each year is to simply tell a story about our year and for fear of leaving anyone that we love out, we never include pictures of family or friends (no matter how awesome or fun the event was).  We also rarely include pictures of just scenery or artsy stuff (In this year's card we snuck a couple in because they added to the story.)

Obviously, we have loads of pictures we love that include people and scenery. You can find those elsewhere on the web site.

Here are some of the ones that would have been great to include in this year's card.....


Cassidy - Feb 2003                                       Lunch stop - Hwy 50 Nevada, June 2003



Zion National Park - June 2003                        Zion NP - June 2003



Heading down into a Kiva - June 2003                            White water training in the pool - May 2003



Telluride CO, June 2003                               Shenandoah National Park, July 2003



Zion NP - June 2003                                                                  Wanaka - Nov 2003



Wanaka - Nov 2003                                                              Some Road in NZ - Nov 2003



Cassidy Aug 2003


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