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Cassidys 5th Birthday


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 This January we held Cassidy's 5th birthday at our new home in Chelmsford, MA. It was fantastic.  You would never have known that we had 17 kids, 1 rabbit, 1 dove and 1 pig in the house.  Thanks to all who attended and made Cassidy's day so special!

Here was the place before the guests arrived.  Oddly enough, we realized the morning of the party that we didn't really have enough "seats" for 17 kids....so we improvised, and after enlisting every stool, chair and step "thing" in the house.... I think we managed 12.....  luckily, the kids didn't seem to notice as they perched "wherever" to eat their cake. 

Cassidy set the tables completely on her own.  (Mom, it was almost like she was there when we catered all those weddings years ago...she's a natural!!)

...and did I mention???...there was a MAGICIAN!!!  Steve was his name, and he managed to wow the kids AND the parents with rabbits and birds that appeared out of tissue paper and empty boxes!

He enlisted the help of the kids....


Some of whom seemed to posses magical powers of their own.....


...or, at the very least, a natural fair for the spotlight.


And the crowd roared!!

....and in the next moment...it was perplexed.

  ...and if only I could remember the name of this so very popular pig! 

(ok...maybe I should say this "somewhat" popular pig.....  some of the kids (and parents) didn't really know what to make of this black, hairy, grunting thing)


But as far as we could tell, a good time was had by all...


There were plenty of beautiful smiles to go around




.... and the cake was a hit too!!

The Cake!

Logan (10 mos) is already convinced he can master the "fork".


If anyone would like the full-size images of any of the above photos, just let us know -
we'll be happy to email them to you!

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