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Canyonlands NP


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Canyonlands was an expansive park with a south and north entrance that is over 50 miles apart.  We stayed in Moab, Utah and visited the park several times.  The picture below is of a series of buttes as you enter from the south side of the park.

We saw our first Petroglyphs (rock drawings) at Newspaper Rock.

The rock formations below are aptly named "mushrooms".

Joe and Cassidy Relaxing by the pool in Moab after our first day in the Park.

Day II

The Panoramic below shows the view of the north side of the park from a place called Dead Horse Point. This shot is amazing when viewed in full size... Joe took all of the "Pannies" in Utah.  It is almost the only way to begin to capture the vast landscapes.

Later that same day we drove from Dead horse point to the park headquarters (somewhere on the top right side of the pannie above).  Joe notices that there is a dirt road that crawls down the canyon walls and into the valley that we viewed from dead horse point and back into Moab.

I naively agree that this would be an excellent family adventure.

The picture below shows the road as it crawls the canyon ledges.  I am afraid of heights.  Joe is an experienced off-road driver. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  Once we made it down into the canyon we had a beautiful ride back to Moab.



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