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On June 21, 2003, we packed up everything we would need for the next year in our trusty Dodge and hit the road for a cross-country journey from California to New York. We figured it'd take about 3 weeks or so; it actually took us 5 1/2 (a lot of cool stuff kept popping up - gotta love the "no deadline" system :).

Trip Route & Calendar


What can we say about Nevada... About the most surprising thing is that although it seemed we were driving across long stretches of desert between mountainous outcroppings....we actually never got below 4000 ft the whole time we were in the state (data we know from Joe's handy dandy dashboard GPS).

Nevada Pics


Utah was so awesome that it will need it's own page(s) of pictures.  We spent a little over a week there and left with a list of things that we still want to see and do.  It was one visual extravaganza after another.  So beautiful and so untouched.  In a single day's drive you could see five or six completely different geological formations. It was vast, beautiful and mostly uninhabitable ...... we fell in love with Utah.

Zion NP | Bryce Canyon NP | Capitol Reef NP | Canyonlands NP |

Edge of the Cedars SP | Other Cool Utah Photos


The moment we crossed the state line into CO things began to get a little greener. As we approached the Rockies the stark barren rocky landscape that we had come to love in Utah was replaced with long sweeping green fields of grassy mountain pastures.  Colorado became a place to rest our eyes and our tired driving bones.

Chris' Place in DenverThe Dead at Red Rocks | Visiting Drew & the Grubas

Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana

Once we left the Rockies and Denver behind we headed east.  By the end of our second day we were at the lowest elevation that we had been at in over in nearly 3 weeks.  The air was moistening and the dust being replaced by green pastures and increasing numbers of trees.

 Visit with Uncle Carl & Aunt Jeanette | Visit with Uncle Tom & Aunt Rita

Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia

We crossed through Great Smoky Mountains National Park to get to North Carolina where we stayed with Joe's high school buddy, Colleen and her family for a couple of days.  Then on up into Virginia and into Shenandoah NP.

Mammoth Cave NP | Pigeon Forge | Great Smoky Mountains NP |

Visit with Colleen & Bill | Shenandoah NP

Washington, DC

DC was one of our biggest surprises of the trip.  We had originally planned to stay just one day and we stayed 3.  We were impressed and inspired.  Every family should make a visit there. It made me proud to be a "Can-merican" :)

Washington 1 | Washington 2 | Visit with the Buckleys

New Jersey & New York

As we left DC, I think that it began to sink in that we were officially on the east coast. Queensbury began to call to us and the desire to be out of the truck for more than a few days began to take hold.

Visit with Tom Cooper | Ground Zero


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