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Ground Zero


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Being in new York City for the first time since the events of Sept. 11th, 2001, we felt a strong pull to visit Ground Zero.  Tom, who had worked just blocks away from the site and who has his own set of memories from that day, was kind enough to oblige us by taking us down there.

Our pictures are not stunning but they do show the progress of the reconstruction as well as a model of the new site plans.

Names of those who perished appear on black signs along the perimeter.

   Reconstruction is underway.  The picture below shows one of the subway tunnels that will run below the surface of the new complex.


The new site plans consist of 5 office towers arranged in a semi-circle around a "common".

The park area (or common) will be 30 ft below street level. It will include a low rise building, a wall of water and a large grassy area as a memorial to those who perished on 9/11.

All in all, I think that it is a stunning design.


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