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Washington, DC (Part 1)


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Washington DC., a modern capital designed with meaning in mind. All elements including; the location of key buildings in reference to each other, the monuments, inscriptions and carvings, have been designed to work together to reinforce the message of democracy.

If you are looking for a way to hit the "reset" button on your impression of what America is, or what it was intended to be, visit Washington. The founding fathers' intentions were clear and relatively simple. It was a reminder to me that the constitution is still a clear and strong beacon to steer ourselves by.....even in these "foggy" times. 



  As we expected, there was not as much access to things as there was before Sept 11, 2001


Oh...and  did we mention that we ran into Jesus while we were there.  He seems to have set up a permanent "post" at the capitol.... 


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