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Franz Josef Glacier


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For Guys Day Out, Joe and Gary went for a full-day hike on Franz Josef Glacier. Equipped with crampons and ice axes, we spent the whole day climbing over ice peaks, crossing crevasses on ladder-bridges, and generally trying not to fall. Ever. I asked the guide what to do if we or someone else falls - he said "Uh, just don't fall".

To even get to the glacier, we had to hike 45 mins along a riverbed
(yup, that big snowy thing is the glacier).


Getting our safety briefing from Kris


We had a long day of exert, wait, exert, wait...


Coming back down was slow going as well - it took a while to climb over all those damn ridges.


Hey, who can resist an optional hands-and-knees-through-ice-water-tunnel? I should have.


 ...And the end of the day saw some pretty tired legs.


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