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Mt Cook, NZ Acadia National Park, Maine Central Park, New York Dunedin, NZ Murchison, NZ Wanaka, NZ New York City Queensbury, New York Queenstown, NZ Colorado River, Utah Auckland, NZ San Jose, California Washington, D.C. Lake Tahoe, California Moab, Utah
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Greetings from Joe, Paula, and Cassidy

Well, we sure couldn't fit everything we wanted to say on a postcard, so this will hopefully give us a bit more room :)

First, we're sorry we had to send just an impersonal postcard this year, but 1) We're living in New Zealand so mailing costs are just not right, and 2) We're on a bit more of a budget this year. C'est la traveling vie, I suppose.

Second, this was a big year for the Bouchers. Let's see: quit our jobs, sold our house, took a 4 month road trip across the US and Canada, and moved to New Zealand. Umm... yeah, that's it I think. For more details, see our main home page at joeandpaula.com.

Just for kicks, we've explained a bit about the pictures below and have created a page of some of the pictures that didn't make the cut for the card this year (Highly recommended since Paula spent about 16 hours total selecting pictures and creating this year's card.  There were so many great pictures to choose from).

Where are those pictures on the card from?

In clockwise-ish order...

Mt. Cook, New Zealand viewed across Lake Putaki.

Playing on the rocks at Acadia National Park in Maine.

A memorial to John Lennon in Central Park, New York.

Cassidy holding a starfish in an aquarium in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Talking to the ducks in a lakefront park in Wanaka, New Zealand.

Paula growing younger on a trampoline in Murchison, New Zealand.

The family along the Hudson riverfront in New York City (near Ground Zero).

Hiking above Queenstown and Lake Wakutipu, New Zealand.

Exploring the world at Grammy & Grampy's house in Queensbury, New York.

Paula and Cassidy at the harbor in Auckland, New Zealand.

The family at the capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Our house in San Jose that we just sold.

Paula at the Colorado River in Utah.

Sledding at Jayne's in Lake Tahoe, California.

Self portrait overlooking the Colorado at Dead Horse Point near Moab, Utah.

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